Following the success and positive impact of last year’s edition, Telecom Review held a webinar earlier this month, entitled “IPv6 Enhanced Innovation: Paving the way for digital transformation in the Gulf region.”

This year’s edition focused on the national digital development and digital transformation in the Middle East and Gulf region. Industry experts from telecom operators, regulators, analysts and vendors participated as speakers to share their business experience and their expertise.

The challenge started years ago when IPv4 reached its full capacity, which was just 4 billion, while 7 billion devices need to be connected. So, IPv6 was very important to continue the expansion of connectivity.

With 5G, IoT and more devices to be connected, and with governments and enterprises shifting services to fully digital and with smart cities, even IPv6 was not enough.

So, the need to move faster and invest in IPv6+ will lead the way to digital transformation as the pandemic pushed for a fully digital economy.

The IPv4 adoption will continue for years to come while IPv6 is using same basic technology with larger capacity and more flexibility to work on new networks with faster connectivity and more bandwidth.

Our commitment as Telecom Review Group to organize series of webinars rich in content and very insightful, with the best speakers of the industry and engage the whole ICT ecosystem, will persist for years to come.

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