Telecom Review Africa conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. John Omo, SecretaryGeneral, African Telecommunications Union, who is also a 2022 recipient of the Telecom Review ICT Leader-of theYear Award in the Governmental/ Non-Governmental category, to discuss the mission and biggest challenges of the ATU. Also, he shed light on some of the most promising technologies for accelerating digital transformation in Africa. He stated some notable future plans and goals for the organization.

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Telecom Review Africa recently conducted an exclusive interview with Roland Abi Najem, CEO of Revotips, to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the cybersecurity landscape. The interview covered a range of topics, including the ways in which AI has contributed to the proliferation of cybersecurity threats and how it can be used to improve cybersecurity awareness and training for employees. In addition, Mr. Najem discussed the specific technologies that Revotips is prioritizing in 2023 to strengthen cybersecurity systems, as well as the solutions and services the company is focusing on to address potential cybersecurity challenges. Finally, he shared some of the goals and future plans that lie ahead for Revotips in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Sofrecom Group’s CEO, Guillaume Boudin, detailed the company’s biggest challenges in the telecom industry and how Sofrecom is helping to meet them head-on. He also shed light on the role of technology in the decarbonization of the telecom sector.

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Telecom Review Africa conducted an exclusive interview with Calvin Collett, founder and CEO of Melon Mobile, to discuss the main challenges and opportunities for Melon Mobile as a new MVNO in the market. He shed light on the company’s target customers as well as the pain points that Melon Mobile can address. He outlined some of the benefits of partnering with MTN. Finally, he shared some thoughts on the company’s future plans regarding eSims technology.

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MTN GlobalConnect’s initiatives seek to bring the company closer to realizing its purpose of “enabling the benefits of modern, connected life for everyone.” In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, MTN GC’s CEO, Frédéric Schepens, detailed the company’s recent milestones and latest financial results. He explained the challenges and opportunities, the steps being taken to achieve its Ambition 2025 strategy and its distinct workforce culture, among other informative insights.

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Telecom Review Africa conducted an exclusive interview with Imane Najari, director of cloud and cybersecurity, inwi, to discuss how the company supports Moroccan companies in their digital transformation journeys. She also shed light on inwi's strength as a leader in sovereign cloud and data center hosting solutions.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Ooredoo Tunisia CTIO Hatem Mestiri talked about the concept of openness for telecom operators and how the company is focusing on attracting more partners to bring more innovation.

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Telecom Review Africa conducted an exclusive interview with Fuad Aslanov, Azercosmos’ vice chairman and chief commercial officer, to discuss the mission and vision of Azercosmos. He shed light on the company’s key goal of ensuring a great customer experience. He outlined some notable challenges facing the space industry and detailed some solutions. Aslanov shared his thoughts on IAC 2023 and the upcoming goals the company is focusing on.

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Speaking exclusively to Telecom Review during GISEC 2023, Celia Mantshiyane, chief information security officer, MTN South Africa, delves into the dynamics of cybersecurity and empowering women in this male-dominated domain.

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