Starting 2019 till this day, Egypt has been reaching various European and Asian countries to strengthen its expertise in artificial intelligence, a technology that is booming thanks to the development of very high speed connectivity.

It is to this end that the Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, has asked France to strengthen cooperation in the field of AI and also in innovative entrepreneurship. The minister has met with the French ambassador to Egypt, Stefan Roumtier and exchanged on the subject.

During the meeting, Amr Talaat underlined to his guest his country's strong interest in AI, which is considered one of the priorities in his department's business agenda, especially its use for applied research in the field of agriculture, health, transport, industry, etc.

Beyond the simple acquisition of AI, the Egyptian Minister also spoke about the country's focus on training to acquire professionals specialized in this field.

In view of these needs, both parties have considered the option of strengthening their ICT cooperation, particularly in the field of AI, by establishing partnerships between Egypt and French institutions and companies specialized in AI, as well as a cooperation between the training institutions of the two countries.

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