Mondia, a leading private mobile technology company, announced the launch of 123Kaboodle in Africa, a one-stop digital application for the family with a focus on children’s entertainment and education.

Available on Android, the application can now be downloaded in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa.  The rollout in the rest of Africa, Middle East and Europe is expected to follow soon. In addition, a web and iOS version will be made available.

123Kaboodle is an edutainment offering for kids aged up to 12 years which produces safe, educational, and fun online content. Three age group categories allow for age-appropriate content streaming, curated to provide a personalised experience for each user.

The application contains popular international edutainment programmes as well as African-themed content that caters to local audiences. The platform allows children to access shows with hours of engagement, learning, interactive games, storytelling videos, DIY crafts, music and much more.

Mondia has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology, delivering unique digital experiences to consumers around the world. 

“According to World Bank data, the number of mobile internet subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa has quadrupled since the start of 2010 and, for many consumers, it's the only way they can get online. With 40 percent of Africa’s population under the age of 16, the region’s youth will be looking for ways to enhance their entertainment and learning experiences through online platforms. Half the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to subscribe to mobile services by 2025 so we see this as a big opportunity to accelerate learning and deliver personalised digital content to African families,” said Amadeo Rahmann, CEO of Mondia.

123Kaboodle allows for parental control with features including the set-up of kids profiles, password protection, managing of screen time and the ability to block individual content. Additional premium features include an offline mode saving data cost, where users can download and watch the content later. A “My Library” section to find downloaded and favourited content and selecting language preference.

Daily, weekly and monthly subscription options are available with payment methods facilitated by Mondia Pay, a platform for secure payments via your mobile balance. 123Kaboodle offers a free trial for up to seven days to all users.

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