As part of the strategy launched in 2020, Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) issued a list of the 21 most important consumer rights to which telecommunications companies operating in the country must abide by. This step comes focuses on raising user satisfaction rates and making them aware of their rights.

The list is divided into three categories of receiving communication services, with the aim of educating users on their rights when subscribing to the service, using it, and paying for it.

It also includes financial obligations that companies must adhere to, such as shipping, bills, and monitoring consumption.

The rights are as follows:

  • Customers can obtain telecommunications services from licensed companies.
  • Customers can obtain 10 SIM cards, and a maximum of five internet lines, with one national ID.
  • Customers can review the terms of the contract with the company and obtaining a certified copy of the contract.
  • Customers can only subscribe to any service once prior consent is provided.
  • Customers can obtain free codes or numbers to learn about details of services and offers before subscribing.
  • Mobile services customers can transfer to another company with the same number within 24 hours, without any additional fees. 
  • Customers can open up to three electronic wallets for three different mobile numbers (for mobile users).
  • Customers are to be provided with authorized communications devices in accordance with specifications.
  • Personal data and privacy are protected.
  • Customers are informed by the company of any changes that occur to the data they register when contracting.
  • Customers can call emergency numbers free of charge (fire department, civil defense, ambulance, emergency police).
  • Customers can call the company’s customer service 24 hours a day for inquiries or complaints.
  • Customers can escalate complaints to the NTRA’s 24-hour call center, if no solution is reached with the company.
  • Customers can cancel the electronic wallet when stopping the mobile phone or moving to another company with the same number (for mobile users).
  • Customers are entitled to receive detailed monthly bills that include prices and consumption. Customers are also entitled to request a free electronic invoice.
  • Customers can view the consumption details through the company’s electronic platforms (website – application).
  • Customers receive periodic free messages relating to the consumption of the contracted packages and bundles.
  • Customers receive free regular messages on any deductions or additions to their balance for any reason, immediately upon completion of the process.
  • Customers are informed at least one week before stopping the services provided to them in the case of late dues.
  • Customers are guaranteed a refund of the remaining amount in the e-wallet when closed (for mobile users)
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