As a new step towards the digital era, Nigeria took a seat between six Middle Eastern countries of which we name: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

It will cooperate with them and join them as a new founding member in the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) – created in November 2020 by these six Middle Eastern countries.

According to the Organization, the axes of cooperation between the various member states will focus on, among other things, the digital inclusion of women and youth, the cross-border flow of data, support for digital entrepreneurship, the development of the regulatory framework.

Nigeria currently places great importance on collaboration to accelerate and succeed in its digital transformation.

In March 2021, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Ali Isa Pantami, made this clear. At the 18th Annual General West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA), held in Abuja, he called for experience sharing and mutual support in the sub-region to boost digital growth.

By joining the DCO, Nigeria strengthens its chances of successfully entering the fourth industrial revolution. According to the DCO Council, there is a need to combine efforts to advance national digital transformations, promote inclusive development of the digital economy, and address the long-term challenges posed by the global pandemic.

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