Due to an increase in cybersecurity crimes in Kenya during the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has launched a mobile application for reporting such activities.

The application was unveiled by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). It aims to enable government agencies, businesses and individuals to report cybersecurity incidents, track resolution status as well as process complaints.

Speaking during the launch of the mobile application, CAK Ag. Director-General Mercy Wanjau said the increase of remote working tools necessitated by the pandemic had fueled to a spike in cyber-attacks.

“There has been a tremendous rise in cybercrimes such as phishing attacks, data breaches, fake news, cyberbullying, personification, ransomware, child pornography, sextortion, amongst others,” KBC quotes Wanjau.

She noted that the CAK would bank on Kenya’s high mobile phone usage to strengthen citizen-driven cyber security.

The number of active mobile subscriptions in Kenya by December 2020 stood at 61.4 million.

“The mobile App will enable CA’s National KE-CIRT/CC to provide information to users on services, including insights into cybersecurity trends, easier access to cybersecurity best practice guides and offer access to round the clock cybersecurity tips and advisories,” said Wanjau.


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