An urban mobility and on-demand courier service startup, Transtura, has launched its operations in Lagos, Nigeria's economic capital. The company's goal is to redefine intra-urban mobility in Africa as a feasible alternative to the usual transportation service.

Transtura has an app, available on Android and iPhone, with which users in Lagos can book a seat on a bus according to their destination or a van to deliver products and goods to their customers. The charges will be 75% cheaper than on-demand transport services.

"There is a huge demand for a safe, affordable and comfortable commuting option for office workers and other daily commuters in Lagos State. Our demand-responsive routes and flexible schedules perfectly meet the needs of commuters who are looking for an affordable alternative way to get around the city every day," said Vincent Adeoba, founder and CEO of Transtura.

 He revealed further that the buses and delivery vans are equipped with real time GPS tracking and advanced safety features, “By moving people and goods efficiently, the company offers an urban mobility alternative that is affordable, cleaner, safe, comfortable and utilizes limited road resources judiciously,” he added.

The startup wants to transform the Nigerian metropolis into a bus-oriented city by offering assured seating, air-conditioned space, a safe and smart transportation experience, demand-driven routes and convenient schedules for office workers and other commuters. Within a year, it hopes to connect most residences to offices in the city, before considering expansion to other states.

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