Amr Talaat, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Sherif Elwy, the managing director and vice chairman of the Arab African International Bank (AAIB), witnessed the signing of a protocol establishing a partnership between the Information Technology Institute (ITI) of the AAIB and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), and AAIB, aiming to upskill and qualify young people to increase their chances of getting a job at AAIB in different technology domains.

The protocol was signed by ITI chairwoman Heba Saleh and AAIB Group chief HR officer Engy Wahdan.

Talaat explained that the cooperation is part of the MCIT capacity-building strategy, which aims to bridge the skills gap in the ICT labor market by providing world-class training to help young people get into the industry. Due to the rising importance of fintech and the reliance on innovative technical solutions to boost efficiency in the operations of financial institutions, the minister of ICT said ICT is a common factor in all sectors, including the financial and banking services sector.

The ICT Minister added that ICT is a common factor in all sectors, including the financial and banking services sector, in view of the growing role of fintech, the reliance on innovative technological solutions to raise the efficiency of operations in financial institutions, and the accelerated transition to the digital economy.

For his part, Elwy said that AAIB is honored to take the initiative to cooperate with MCIT through ITI. AAIB management believes that the Bank has a key role in developing human skills to serve the Egyptian market, upskill young people and cooperate in preparing specialists. This role is in line with AAIB strategy to invest in qualifying young people given their pivotal role in developing and running the Bank’s digital products, applications, and services. Such orientation represents the main element of AAIB strategy and the comprehensive transformation in serving customers, whether through providing advanced banking products or better customer service.

Under the protocol, ITI will carry out training programs for the benefit of AAIB and in line with its work plans. The programs will cover high-demand and advanced technologies, including, but not limited to, mobile applications, web applications, information security, cloud computing, and others, with the programs organized in phases in view of AAIB operational plans.

Moreover, the protocol stipulates that the two sides collaborate in designing the training program, selecting trainees, supervising graduate projects, and creating job opportunities, in addition to the final evaluation of the program. ITI will be responsible for arranging the training requirements, carrying out the program, and following up on it at AAIB premises.

The first phase of training will cover the MEARN Developer specialization. The program will be implemented following a hybrid approach that includes live training lectures, online sessions, and on-the-job training at AAIB premises.

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