As smartphones have become the norm worldwide, they have also replaced desktops/laptops as the preferred mode of accessing the internet. According to the numbers presented by StockApps.com, 54.86% of global web traffic came through mobiles in December 2021. Nigeria registered the highest share of mobile web traffic among nations covered in the analysis at 82.63%.

India in the second spot with 73.8% of web traffic on mobiles

Over the last decade, the share of web traffic on mobile phones has consistently increased. In 2011, mobile phones accounted for only 4%-8% of the total web traffic. In December 2021, this figure increased to 54.86%.

Even though the future of the internet is headed in one direction, the internet habits of users all over the world are wildly different. Developing countries like Nigeria and India are currently the front leaders in the mobile internet revolution. A massive 82.63% of the internet was browsed on mobile phones in Nigeria. In India, the share of mobile web traffic was at 73.8%. Together, these two countries account for more than 20% of the global population.

Turkey occupies the third spot with 68.52%. The status of Turkey as a developed nation has become debatable of late, but regardless, it’s the first European nation on the list. Singapore, China, and the United Arab Emirates occupy the following spots, and all of these countries have more than 60% of their web traffic coming through mobile phones. The worldwide average is 54.86% It’s interesting to note that most developed economies have mobile web traffic in the 40%-50% range. The Republic of Ireland has the highest share of mobile web traffic among Western European nations at 59.39%. It is followed by Spain 51.46%, Italy 49.54%, France 48.91%, and Sweden 47.99%. European financial powers UK 47.20% and Germany 43.81% have less mobile web traffic than the United States 48.77%.

Developed economies like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada show the slightest preference for the mobile web. Meanwhile, Russia features at the bottom with only 36.18% of its web traffic facilitated by mobiles.

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