Senegal's telecommunications regulator, ARTP, has announced a call for applications for 5G licenses, fulfilling its commitment to launch commercial ultra-broadband services in the country in 2023. Interested investors are required to submit their applications by July 14.

According to the regulator's statement, only locally incorporated companies with a valid license to establish and operate a network open to the public and provide electronic communications services can apply. This initiative aligns with the Senegalese government's goal to enhance high-speed connectivity and digital usage in the country, in line with the Digital Economy Acceleration Project (PAEN), funded by $150 million from the World Bank.

Senegal's telecom operators have been preparing for 5G since 2020. In December 2021, SONATEL confirmed its ability to deliver ultra-broadband through a successful test. Free, a competitor, launched an experimental phase in June 2022 with the technical support of Swedish tech group Ericsson. In July 2022, Orange also established a 5G laboratory in the country.

The introduction of ultra-broadband technology, driven by 5G, is expected to address the increasing demand for broadband connectivity and new digital consumption patterns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it is anticipated to generate greater revenue for telecom companies and the state.

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