The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has granted approval for the marketing of 2,155 phone models within the country. The regulatory body has stated that these various devices have undergone testing and met its established rigorous certification standards.

Chinese conglomerate Transsion, the manufacturer behind the Tecno, Infinix and Itel brands, holds approval for 545 phone models, which accounts for 25% of the total number. Other models come from companies like Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Xiaomi, ZTE, Vivo, Apple, HTC, Wiko, Panasonic, Asus, Apple, Google, Gionee, Alcatel, Oppo and more.

The regulatory approval of these phone models aligns with the NCC's efforts to combat counterfeit and substandard phones that are rampant in Nigeria.

According to the latest official statistics, Nigeria holds the largest telecommunications market in Africa, with a population of 213.4 million people and 220.08 million mobile subscriptions.

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