The Ugandan government is collaborating with China to establish essential infrastructure aimed at ensuring universal internet access.

This initiative is a result of a recent partnership agreement between Uganda and China, formalized during the China-Africa Cooperation Forum on Digital Capacity Building. It aligns with Uganda's main goal of expediting digital transformation to bolster economic recovery, create abundant opportunities for the youth, and realize its "Vision 2040" agenda. In March, the government secured 1,800 billion shillings (equivalent to USD 477.4 million) in funding from the World Bank to expand internet accessibility nationwide.

This collaboration is poised to not only enhance the quality and reach of internet connectivity in Uganda but also reduce the associated costs, ensuring affordability for the entire populace, particularly those in rural communities. In addition, the government announced a program last June that provides high-speed internet access to refugee camps across the country.

As per data from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), by the close of March 2023, Uganda had 27 million internet subscribers, representing a penetration rate of 59% based on an estimated population of 45.5 million.

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