Check Point Research, a leading cyber threat intelligence service, has discovered a series of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting individuals in Libya. The attacks involve the use of a surveillance-focused malware called Stealth Soldier. The malware is designed to carry out various surveillance activities, including capturing files, recording screens and microphones, logging keystrokes, and stealing browser data. Researchers have identified an undocumented, custom modular backdoor in the malware, indicating that the attackers continuously update their tools. The most recent version of the malware is believed to have been distributed in February, while the oldest version was compiled in October of the previous year.

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Senegal's telecommunications regulator, ARTP, has announced a call for applications for 5G licenses, fulfilling its commitment to launch commercial ultra-broadband services in the country in 2023. Interested investors are required to submit their applications by July 14.

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Azercosmos, the prominent satellite operator in Azerbaijan, signed a reseller agreement with SpaceX for the deployment of Starlink's satellite-based high-speed and low-latency broadband internet services across the country.

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Orange has announced a groundbreaking partnership with CPC Egypt, introducing e-wallet payment services to fuel stations for the first time. This agreement will enable customers to conveniently pay for petroleum products using their e-wallets, leveraging the technology provided by Orange Egypt.

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In an era-defining breakthrough, job interviews are on the brink of a remarkable transformation. Meet “Ecoute,” an influential AI tool poised to revolutionize the hiring process. While employers may approach this advancement with caution, job seekers are about to experience a game-changing revelation.

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Uganda has taken a significant step towards embracing advanced connectivity as it launches the sale of 5G spectrum licenses. This move aims to facilitate the deployment of cutting-edge wireless technologies across the country, unlocking faster internet speeds and enabling transformative applications and services.

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Apple recently introduced its highly anticipated smart glasses, the "Apple Vision Pro," which seamlessly blend virtual reality with the real world. Leveraging mixed reality technology, these glasses offer users a unique experience by seamlessly merging physical and virtual environments.

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Namibia's Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) is set to auction the 3.5 GHz spectrum band for the implementation of 5G networks, following the approval of 5G deployment by the Namibian government. The decision aligns with the spectrum management regulatory framework and roadmap outlined in the 2022-2024 spectrum assignment strategy. To fulfill the requirements for 5G, higher frequencies above 3.5 GHz are essential.

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Sénégal Numérique, a digital infrastructure initiative, has partnered with Elm, a leading digital solutions provider, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The collaboration aims to leverage Elm's extensive digital expertise to advance the digital infrastructure of the State of Senegal. Under this agreement, Elm will provide valuable assistance to Sénégal Numérique in harnessing innovative digital technologies to enhance public services, consolidate governance and stimulate economic growth.

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Samsung Electronics, a South Korean smartphone maker, intends to enhance its presence in the smartphone assembly market by establishing a new factory in Beni Suef. The upcoming 6,000-square-meter plant, scheduled to commence operations in the fourth quarter of 2023, will manufacture phones for both local consumption and export. The project is expected to generate approximately 1,400 direct and indirect jobs. Specific details such as the investment amount, the production capacity and the models to be assembled onsite remain undisclosed. Furthermore, it is unclear how many phones will be exported and whether Samsung has committed to utilizing local components for production.

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