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The Communication Authority of Kenya announced that the country plans to complete the transition from Internet Protocol Version 4 (Ipv4) to IPv6, in 2023, and has implemented a strategy for this purpose. Starting July 2023, the regulatory authority will only allow devices with IPv6 capabilities as part of the new transition strategy. Additionally, resources allocated from this date will include a regulatory requirement for IPv6 address adoption. A compliance level control system will also be established.

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The Ethiopian government, through the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT), has signed a memorandum of understanding with the American satellite company Orion Applied Science and Technology (Orion AST). The agreement focuses on the development of Ethiopia’s capabilities in the space industry.

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GhIPSS, Ghana's banking association, launched GhanaPay, a mobile money service designed to increase financial inclusion. According to the GhIPSS website, the mobile money service is provided by local “universal banks, rural banks, and savings and loans companies to individuals and businesses.”

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Pesapal, an alternative to Paypal and a provider of online and mobile payment solutions, is able now to offer its mobile payment services in Uganda. The Bank of Uganda recently granted the company a license as a payment system operator which will allow it to revolutionize the digital payment ecosystem by offering “innovative, convenient and secure digital financial services.”

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