Qualcomm’s former chairman Paul Jacobs will head a new San Diego-based company which he launched along with two other former Qualcomm executives, Derek Aberle and Matt Grob. XCOM will mainly focus on developing 5G technology. Aberle will be the company’s COO and Grob will assume the role of CTO.

“Our intention is to influence the mainstream course of wireless technology in both the licensed and unlicensed space”, said Grob to the San Diego Union Tribune. Aberle disclosed that the new business will try to prove use cases for next generation IoT applications are viable.

It is noteworthy that Paul Jacobs was ousted from Qualcomm’s board of directors in March for plans aiming to acquire Qualcomm. However, Aberle noted that if they succeed in reaching a deal with the US chipmaker, XCOM’s technology could be integrated into its chips.


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