Frederic Schepens, CEO, MTN GlobalConnect, delivered a keynote speech at the 13th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit 2019.

He began by reiterating MTN GlobalConnect’s belief that everyone deserves the benefit of a modern, connected life. “Our vision is to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world”, he said.  MTN GlobalConnect has 233 million subscribers, 79 million active data users and 27 million active MoMo (Mobile Money) users. With service revenue of R 125 billion, MTN is a well-established digital operator.

MTN is the largest telecommunications group in Africa and the Middle East. MTN GlobalConnect  is the main driver for the consolidation of MTN Group’s wholesale activities, with reliable solutions for fixed connectivity and international mobile services including SMS, signaling, roaming, interconnect and value-added services.

Founded in South Africa in 1994, MTN leads digital transformation in the region. The commitment to this objective is demonstrated through the extensive investment into the full ecosystem of network infrastructure that is required to light up the region and facilitate digital inclusion for its people.

MTN’s fintech business is live in 14 markets, with 27 million active monthly users, and reports revenue of R 7.8 billion.

MTN’s instant messaging app, Ayoba, is an advanced communications app under an independent “OTT brand.” It is available in 8 markets and localized for African and Middle Eastern customers.

MTN GlobalConnect is the “most complete backbone of Africa, the telco of the telcos”, their CEO said.

MTN GlobalConnect recently announced the deployment of central hub nodes for voice, signaling, SMS and roaming with the aim to meet wholesale market expectations of quality, cost and efficiency when communicating with more than 240 million MTN subscribers.

These hubs, powered by state-of-the-art platforms from the telecommunications vendor community, are seamlessly integrated with their wholesale infrastructure deployments in more than 21 countries and were launched under the ‘Y’elloConnect umbrella name.

Finally, Schepens spoke about web-filtering and cyber-defence solutions that ensure a safe environment for customers.

“We ensure a healthy online environment for our community. Security is extremely important to us.”



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