With around 600 attendees, the 13th edition of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit kicked off today at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai. This edition attracted the ICT industry’s most influential leaders who convened to discuss the changes that happened in the industry since the 12th edition which was held in Beirut in March 2019 and the 11th edition which was held a year ago in Dubai.

In his opening keynote, Mr. Toni Eid, founder of Telecom REVIEW & CEO of Trace Media said, “We’re here at another successful edition however much more global! We are in Dubai this year and we can be in any city of the world with the support of each of you and in particular our sponsors.”

Eid shed light on the milestones that Trace Media has reached thus far, stating that in its 15-year journey, the company organized 13 editions of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit and 8 Telecom Review Excellence Awards ceremonies. He also prides himself for founding Telecom Review Middle East 15 years ago, and then gradually founding Telecom Review North America 10 years ago, Telecom Review in French which is now Telecom Review Africa 8 years ago and Telecom Review Asia 7 years ago.

“We’re successful today because we were up to the challenge and because our customers are our partners”, he concluded.

The speakers and panelists highlighted the most trending topics today and discussions revolved around 5G, Data capacity, infrastructure planning in smart cities, digital transformation and cybersecurity.

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