Former CEO of Tunisie Telecom Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem was appointed minister of communication technologies and digital economy in Tunisia. As a result of this appointment, Khalil Laâbidi was chosen by the board of directors temporarily to lead the operator.

Appointed CEO in 2017, Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem adopted a strategic and futuristic approach to boost the development of the enterprise and the quality of services.

In a message to Tunisie Telecom team, he evaluated his journey as CEO and highlighted the success made in 2019, namely in terms of 4G network enhancement and digital services offered to users. He also outlined how network coverage improved in border zones.

Kraiem was also the chairman of Go Malta, part of Tunisie Telecom. The board thanked him for his service and named Faker Hnid, a non-executive director, as interim chairman.  

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