With the future of eSIM looking very promising, mobile operators supporting eSIM will enhance their role in building the future of the telecommunications world. 

As the world gets more connected, the embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is one of the best ways to manage this interconnection. Compared to classical SIM cards, eSIM can store multiple operator profiles instead of only one. These profiles can be remotely updated, extended or, deleted with a remote SIM provisioning platform (RSP).

Operators around the world such as Jawwal Palestine, Expresso Senegal and many others have launched already their eSIM consumer service with Monty Mobile as they are providing their subscribers with a fully digital consumer journey.

Monty Mobile's unique offer allows mobile operators to benefit from a complete 1-year free trial of the instant connectivity platform accredited by GSMA (SAS-SM) with no setup or download fees and get the opportunity to test their market.

The eSIM can be managed remotely with Monty Mobile RSP platform. Profiles can be generated, stored, and securely downloaded to any consumer eSIM device.

The solution is convenient for all modern travelers and businesses, and will give subscribers access to the MNO web portal or MNO self-care application and help them choose any subscription they would like thanks to eSIM, pay online and receive a QR code by e-mail.

Public QR codes or a single QR code can also be generated to be used at advertising sites, airports, hotels and events allowing a new source of revenue by establishing a business contract with enterprises that are interested to promote the single QR code.  

Consumer platform also includes a profile tracker enabling operators to track the status of every profile defining the end user's device type for a more convenient and simpler device setup for each individual.

It's time for operators to make the change and to offer subscribers the fitting solution that will drive their customer journey even further into the future.

As consumers and operators begin to see the benefits, mass adoption of eSIMs will be inevitable, so go ahead and make connectivity simple with Monty Mobile's instant connectivity platform.

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