Over the years, Africa has made great strides in enhancing its telecommunications infrastructure, whether through successful landings of submarine cables or through the satellites industry that has seen enormous growth in the past couple of years. Several African countries have successfully launched satellites into orbit, which reflects the upward trend that this industry is taking in the second largest continent in the world.

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Like all companies, Sofrecom is adapting to the measures taken in the context of the coronavirus pandemic so that the activities may continue in complete serenity. All its teams remain fully mobilized to keep on delivering the services it offers to customers.

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The Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Amr Talaat met with the heads of the four telecommunication operators, operating in the Egyptian ICT sector to discuss launching initiatives for supporting education, as school and university have been suspended as a precautionary measure taken by the state to face Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

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Major Pan-African telecommunications service provider, SEACOM, and Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, have joined forces to offer high-speed, reliable pathways between Africa, Europe and Asia to meet the growing demand for connectivity linking these regions.

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People usually brag about how much internet speed they have, especially if they’re subscribed to the higher amount of bandwidth. However, bandwidth isn’t all that matters when it comes to network speed and performance. There are factors like latency, jitter, browser add-ons, viruses, and packet loss that could be contributing to less-than-desirable performance in any given network.

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