Vodacom South Africa is expected to bring 5G to the continent in 2020. While waiting for the new spectrum to be issued, the operator is putting on the market new roaming deals in collaboration with Rain and Liquid Telecom to help expand 4G capacity and launch 5G services.

According to Vodacom’s latest report, the company recently inked a deal with Rain to extend their roaming and facilities leasing agreements beyond the original agreement of 5,000 sites to virtually all Vodacom sites. This agreement will enable Vodacom to increase access to 4G capacity at more favorable terms. 

In addition, Vodacom and Liquid Telekom concluded a roaming and managed services deal according to which Vodacom will manage a 5G network on behalf of Liquid Telekom which the latter will be rolling out. Vodacom gets great benefits out of this agreement which allows it to offer customers a leading connectivity experience at a time when most 5G spectrum is yet to be assigned. 5G services are currently being tested ahead of a commercial launch during this year, Vodacom said.


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