In Mozambique, mobile operator Vodacom has warned public operator Tmcel to suspend its mobile service interconnection service for dismissing the payment of a 600million meticais (9.5 million USD) bill.

Vodacom Mozambique said that the interconnection breakdown "will affect voice services, preventing Tmcel customers from making calls to Vodacom customers. However, Vodacom network users will continue to make calls to Tmcel without interruption.”

It has been three years, since 2018, that Tmcel has stopped paying its mobile interconnection charges to Vodacom Mozambique. The subsidiary of Vodacom Group, not wanting to aggravate this financial loss, has decided to harden the tone in the face of Tmcel "in order to avoid the growth of the debt".

To this end, the National Institute of Communications of Mozambique (INCM) has scheduled a consultation meeting. Vodacom requires the payment of at least one third of the due amount in order to postpone its decision.

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