Celtiis, a state-owned mobile operator in Benin, achieved a 4.12% market share during its initial three months of operation, according to the country's telecom watchdog, ARCEP. With 599,727 subscribers, Celtiis entered a market previously dominated by MTN and Moov Africa. Both incumbents experienced a decline in their market share, with MTN dropping from 60.57% to 58.21% and Moov Africa decreasing from 39.43% to 37.66%. Celtiis, supported by the government and Sonatel, aims to bring more competition to Benin's mobile telephony market.

Celtiis should play a key role in the realization of the government’s ambitions for digital transformation. Just four months after launching, the operator announced it was ready to deploy 5G and is about to launch a pilot phase for ultra-high-speed broadband.

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