Cameroon's Telecommunications Regulatory Board (ART) has imposed fines totaling XAF6 billion (US$9.8 million) on the country's four mobile network operators (MNOs) for their subpar network quality. The penalties were issued due to repeated violations of quality and coverage requirements stated in their operating agreements. Among the MNOs, Orange Cameroon received the highest fine of XAF2.2 billion, followed by Viettel (Nexttel) with XAF1.6 billion, MTN Cameroon with XAF1.4 billion and CamTel (Blue) with XAF800 million.

Following a surge in consumer complaints regarding poor service quality and high tariffs, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications recently called for a meeting between MTN, Orange, Viettel, CamTel and ART to discuss measures for improvement. In February 2023, ART announced its intention to assess the performance of mobile networks, with operators failing to meet targets facing potential financial penalties or license withdrawal.

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