Telecel Group expresses its sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority (NCA) for their invaluable support in advancing the industry. Their dedication and assistance were essential in making such advancements possible, furthering the collective vision of a digitally connected Ghana.

Following the acquisition of Vodafone Ghana, significant strides have been made in expanding Telecel's presence. The expansion strategy, set in motion after entering the Ghanaian market, is being diligently pursued. Commitment lies not only in maintaining but also substantially enhancing the quality of the acquired network.

This accomplishment is not a one-off event but rather a pivotal part of Telecel’s broader strategic plan for sustained expansion across the nation. Expectations have been exceeded in the rapid development of these sites, marking only the beginning of the journey. The commitment remains unwavering as opportunities for network expansion continue to be pinpointed, ensuring world-class mobile connectivity is extended to an ever-growing number of Ghanaians. Additionally, “4G+ is being introduced to customers, offering even faster speeds," noted Malek Atrissi, Group COO.

Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Vodafone Ghana also commented, stating that “a new standard for rapid network development in Ghana has been set. But this is just the beginning. The combined vision is to continuously seek and seize opportunities that enrich the digital experience for Ghanaians. The future holds even greater promise.”

This network enhancement marks the beginning of a long journey. Telecel Group has set the wheels in motion for a series of further expansions aimed at continually amplifying the network’s reach and efficiency.

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