Safaricom has introduced “Safaricom Hook,” a new initiative aimed at empowering the youth of Kenya in the field of technology. Peter Ndegwa, CEO, emphasized the company's commitment to establishing a strong bond with the youth, recognizing their distinct and specific needs.

Ndegwa stated, "At Safaricom, we are keen on helping our young people to leverage the transformative power of technology." He further explained that through Safaricom Hook, the company aims to offer a platform for young Kenyans to find inspiration, opportunities, and a sense of belonging in an ever-changing world.

He added, "As the name suggests, Safaricom wants to create a lasting connection with a generation that has unique needs." The Safaricom Hook initiative endeavors to empower Generation Z to make the most of their online capabilities and embrace a digital lifestyle, including facilitating access to smartphones.

The company also announced partnerships with various organizations such as the Kenya Powered Learning Project Meta, Brighter Monday, and Wowzi. These collaborations, facilitated by the Safaricom Digital Talent Programme, aim to enhance the youth’s digital skills.

In addition, Safaricom Hook will leverage M-PESA Go and the Mali wealth management platform to promote a culture of savings among the youth.

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