PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, has completed a major Internet infrastructure upgrade in Mozambique.

PCCW Global’s significant upgrade of its Internet backbone will dramatically improve connectivity in the traditionally underserved southern African nation and, as a consequence, vastly improve international communications and increase the number of Internet users in the country while lowering overall connectivity costs.

PCCW Global continues to extend its network service coverage in hard-to-reach and high-demand markets in Africa with a specific focus on improving network interconnection, access to cloud, and lowering the cost of connectivity for end users. PCCW Global was one of the early pioneers of African connectivity by delivering sophisticated hybrid solutions that combine fiber, satellite, microwave, and wireless connectivity to meet the unique needs of African service providers and enterprises. PCCW Global’s African coverage expanded dramatically in 2012 with the acquisition of Gateway Communications, a pan-African provider of carrier and network solutions on the continent.

Today, PCCW Global operates one of Africa’s most advanced regional and international networks with capacity on all major optical-fiber subsea cables and facilitating capacity to all African land-locked countries. PCCW Global also continues to deliver service where necessary throughout the continent from satellite transponders and earth stations deployed on the continent and beyond.

Mr. Frederick Chui, Chief Commercial Officer, PCCW Global, said, “In Mozambique, our aim is to provide users such as global enterprises, content delivery networks, Internet service providers, and content providers with affordable connectivity to and from the country with the hope of gradually increasing the number of Internet users. We are pleased to be making additional investment to help further reduce the barriers to content availability and distribution that can have a significant impact on the Internet in Africa and will help make existing international content more accessible.”

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