Bouygues Telecom Entreprises is constantly on the hunt for innovations to boost the digital growth of companies. This is why it announced recently the signing of a strategic partnership with the SD-WAN benchmark player, Versa Networks. Thanks to the technological contribution of this pure player, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises will be in a position to propose a simple, powerful and innovative solution to companies looking for centralized and secure control of their own networks.

Even if a small number of companies has already implemented this type of solution, SD-WAN is looking to be the hot topic for 2019 given the clear enthusiasm being shown by French companies. IT managers are looking for increased autonomy, flexibility and simplicity in the control of their equipment and distributed environments, which heralds a major change in the field of corporate networks. This is an opportunity that Bouygues Telecom Entreprises fully intends to grasp.

SD-WAN is an emerging but rapidly growing market, with 40% of companies considering implementing an SD-WAN solution in the next twelve months, according to a Gartner survey. It would appear to be the answer to the needs of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) whose profession has undergone considerable change. The spread of the cloud and SaaS mode has made their role more complex and for CIOs, statically configured networks are no longer good enough.

Bouygues Telecom Entreprises is therefore looking to produce a specific SD-WAN proposal to help CIOs address the numerous agilities, availability, security and cost control constraints they face on a daily basis. With the support of the leader in this field, Versa Networks, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises becomes the operator in France capable of offering the best solution for corporate networks. They will they be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Availability / Prioritization of streams: Multiplication of types of connections and technologies for dynamic redirection of application streams according to their application-specific quality thresholds.
  • Security: To take advantage of the SD-WAN functions, local internet access is required. The security of this local access is thus one of the native components of SD-WAN solutions.
  • Cloud inter-operability: Interconnection with a private or public cloud is as simple as connecting a new terminal to your local area network, owing to virtualization of the machines.
  • Deployment: The deployment phase is generally critical and complex when building or migrating a private corporate network. SD-WAN significantly improves these operations owing to its ability to manage networks regardless of the operators, routes, or technologies and the total autonomy offered to the customer.
  • Management interface: The entire WAN is displayed on-line via a web portal. All the management, routing, security and supervision rules are then accessible and can be controlled directly by the end-customers.

The first pilots for the solution developed by Bouygues Telecom Entreprises are planned for the spring, with the product being launched next autumn.

“The more companies opt for multi-cloud and SaaS applications, the more they will need a SD-WAN solution, as they will be looking to ensure secure automation and simplification of the architecture of their network, states Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks. This market is growing throughout France, in all business sectors. We are therefore delighted to have been chosen by Bouygues Telecom Entreprises as a strategic partner to provide their corporate customers with SD-WAN services.”

“Because tomorrow’s information systems will demand greater flexibility, security and throughput, our SD-WAN solution offers a simple, powerful and innovative corporate networks alternative for these customers, adds François TREUIL, Managing Director of Bouygues Telecom Entreprises. We are continually looking to propose the best technology for our customers. This is why we wanted one of the market leaders and for us, Versa Networks was the obvious choice.”

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