Huawei launched six innovative products and services to deliver new levels of efficiency and quality to help developers push new frontiers in the cloud sector.  The announcement was made at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Cloud) 2021 in Shenzhen, China.

These products include:

  1. HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo cloud container cluster
  2. CloudIDE intelligent programming assistant.
  3. GaussDB (for openGauss) database
  4. Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS)
  5. Pangu Model (including the world's largest Chinese NLP model and CV model)
  6. Infrastructure software for diversified computing.


Huawei also announced a US$220 million investment into its Huawei Developer Program 2.0 which will include the newly announced HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program, Kunpeng OpenMind Project, and Ascend OpenMind Project to support a robust ecosystem around HUAWEI CLOUD, Kunpeng, and Ascend.

“By 2025, 100% of enterprises around the globe will be utilizing cloud technology. Cloud is the future of the ICT industry and the foundation for enterprises' digital transformation. Developers are the soul of the industry. Huawei will continue to open its technological innovation capabilities and work with developers and partners to accelerate the cloud and intelligent transformation of business," said Richard Yu, executive director of Huawei, and CEO of Huawei's Cloud BU and consumer business group, who opened the event with a keynote speech.

With the launch of these products, Huawei hopes to help developers to be well positioned to leverage opportunities in  application modernization, data assetization, and AI industrialized development across industries brought on by the development and application of cloud native and AI technologies.


Accelerating enterprise application innovation

HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo:  Containerization is critical for application modernization. As containers are widely used in enterprise core systems and innovative services, enterprises' expectations of container performance, elasticity, and scheduling capabilities are getting higher. HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo accelerates computing, networks, and scheduling.


HUAWEI CLOUD CloudIDE: An intelligent programming assistant for developers, it provides developers with a lightweight and fast programming experience, enabling them to perform intelligent online programming anytime, anywhere, and on any terminal. It supports the following features:

With the intelligent code completion technology of SmartAssist, CloudIDE can find all completion results, and determine and sort possible results, improving the accuracy of multi-symbol and long results.

It supports completion for complex contexts, and even obscure third-party APIs.


HUAWEI CLOUD GaussDB (for openGauss) database: For an enterprise to truly go to the cloud and become data-driven, a key step is migrating its database to the cloud. HUAWEI CLOUD GaussDB(for openGauss) has the following three characteristics:


  • Transaction processing capability is 54% higher than that of similar products in the industry, and its complex query latency is 82% lower than that of similar products.


  • During traffic peaks, computing nodes can be expanded in just minutes and storage capacity can be expanded in seconds. The expansion process does not disrupt services.


  • When a single point of failure occurs, the unique Switch Turbo technology ensures switchover within 10 seconds (less than one third of the time required by its counterparts) and provides the geo-redundant DR capability.


Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS): HUAWEI CLOUD TICS provides security for innovative and converged applications of data elements, enabling secure data flow and maximizing data value. It has the following features:

  • Based on multi-party federated data exploration and modeling, it processes privacy data in place, keeping data usable but invisible.
  • A federated AI algorithm and homomorphic encryption algorithm are used for collaborative optimization. For example, batch computing of encrypted data is supported during model training, improving the training performance tenfold without the need for an accelerator card.
  • It supports interconnection with some of the most used data sources, adapting to typical big data application scenarios without conversion.


HUAWEI CLOUD Pangu Model: Based on the industrial AI development model of "pre-training + downstream fine-tuning", the Pangu Model utilizes AI into a wide range of industries. It has three characteristics: strong generalization ability, small-sample learning, and high model accuracy. A single model can be applied to a large number of complex industry scenarios and can achieve high accuracy even with a small number of samples. It is based on the underlying optimization of the CANN heterogeneous compute architecture and the MindSpore all-scenario AI computing framework, and represents significant breakthroughs in performance and usability.


Infrastructure software: Huawei has built a complete set of basic computing software stacks, including the operating system, enterprise-grade database, and all-scenario AI computing framework, to enable diversified computing power and support HUAWEI CLOUD innovation.


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