Ericsson Egypt, in partnership with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and the Embassy of Sweden in Cairo, organized a successful roundtable discussion to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration opportunities among startups, companies and entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on the transformative role of artificial intelligence in digitizing various sectors of the country. 

The evening witnessed the participation of esteemed partners and guests, including Söderhub, Telecom Egypt, PIANAT.ai and intella Plug and Play Tech Center, who contributed their expertise and insights to the discussion. Their presence added immense value to the event, creating an atmosphere conducive to constructive dialogue and idea exchange. 

Moreover, the winners of Ericsson Egypt and ITIDA's Together Apart Hackathon, a competition held earlier, were recognized and invited to join the discussion. These talented individuals actively engaged in meaningful conversations, further fueling the exploration of innovative solutions and strategies in the field of technology and AI. 

The roundtable discussion served as a platform to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations, and identify opportunities for leveraging AI to drive digital transformation across sectors in Egypt. It reinforced the importance of public-private partnerships in harnessing the potential of technology and innovation to propel the country's growth and development.

Ericsson Egypt, ITIDA and their esteemed partners expressed their commitment to continuing the journey of enabling innovation and collaboration in the realm of technology and AI. They remain dedicated to nurturing local talents, supporting startups and working hand in hand with entrepreneurs to shape a prosperous and technologically advanced future for Egypt.

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