Along the sidelines of the 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), Huawei, in collaboration with du, unveiled the world’s first 5G Advanced (5G-A) demonstration villa, which featured innovative use cases and improved real-life experience by utilizing 5G-A’s technological innovation.

Telecom Review was invited to witness the marvels of what the households of tomorrow will look like through an exclusive villa tour, and joined the 5G-Advanced roadshow where the live network deployment of 10 Gbps peak speed was demonstrated around the vicinity of the Jumeirah Islands.

“This latest showcase is a testament to Huawei and du’s enthusiasm and commitment to the 5G evolution,” stated May Li, VP of Solution Marketing at Huawei Middle East and Central Asia during the opening of the launch event. She emphasized that achieving the 10 Gbps top speed in the live network environment is a pioneer in the 5G industry.

Dubbed as the “Home of the Future,” the idea is a fruition of the MoU signed during the MWC 2023.

Speaking at the launch, Fahad Al Hassawi, the CEO of du stated that they are “always committed to bringing the latest innovation to the market,” and that the 5G-A villa is a proof that they “chose the right partner.”

Echoing this sentiment, Li Peng, Huawei's Corporate Senior Vice President and President of the company's Carrier BG, remarked that the launch of the 5G-A powered villa is the “result of du's continuous pursuit of a better digital experience.”

“Moving forward, Huawei will continually support du in its effort to build the best 5G networks and  explore the commercial use of 5G-Advanced networks, while championing du’s leadership in this transformative era.,” Peng concluded.

5G-Advanced Roadshow

With a live presentation onboard, Telecom Review learned how 5G-A enables 10x capability compared to 5G. According to the bus tour’s expert, 5G-A will bring connected people, home, things, industries and vehicles together.

The evolution to premium 5G-A network will result in a prosperous business, with network performance powering the ultimate experience of 10 Gbps download speed and 1 Gbps upload speed.

As shown around the vicinity of the Jumeirah Islands, the Huawei high-frequency solutions are ready for eMBB commercialization, with higher EIRP and ELAA, realizing optimal coverage. This innovation builds continuous experience in mobility scenarios.


Exclusive Villa Tour

The 5G-A villa epitomizes the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, powered by fixed wireless access (FWA), offering an unparalleled smart home experience in applications such as 8k viewing, 3D displays and designs, naked-eye 3D, virtual reality (XR) gaming.

Harnessing Huawei's innovative FWA solution, it illustrates how, in the 5G era, FWA became an operator's powerhouse tool for rapid user expansion. As we transition to 5G-A/5.5G, Huawei’s FWA Pro is engineered to bring the home of the future into reality and supporting an “all-scenario” family life.

Reimagining the smart home living, the living room can support 8k resolution viewing and 3D pictures. This is an upgrade to the experience of homes, allowing more immersive encounters. Additionally, in one of the rooms, art appreciation and product design are extended to the next level with 3D displays. With a 10 Gbps network like 5G-A, residents can have a smooth and surreal experience.

For both work and study purposes, the whole process will be elevated with 3D, powered by the next era of 5G network.

Home owners can also find better ways to relax and play with 5G-A as it supports the 8k experience, virtual reality and cloud gaming, as well as naked-eye 3D games. These are anticipated to grow more adoption in smart homes in the near future.

With more flexible, wireless experience, the 5G-A Villa exhibits what soon will be the reality for more homes in the modern era. Requiring low latency and high throughput, applications within the homes of the future will undeniably benefit from the 5G-A network.

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