MTN GlobalConnect (MTN GC), a digital wholesale and infrastructure services firm operating under MTN Group, has made significant strides in expanding its fiber network, meeting the surging demand for international connectivity. In the first quarter of this year alone, the company deployed over 2,000 km of new fiber, resulting in a total proprietary fiber inventory surpassing 107,000 km.

MTN GC, with a presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya, aims to support MTN Group's ambitious fiber goals. In its recently reported Q1 2023 performance, MTN GC achieved a remarkable 17% year-on-year growth in external revenue, amounting to US$83.6 million. Mobility revenue also experienced a solid 15.5% increase.

Ralph Mupita, CEO of MTN Group, highlighted the success of MTN GC's fixed connectivity segment during the period. Notably, the introduction of Internet Protocol Transit (IPT) international gateways in South Africa and Nigeria, along with the launch of the IPT product, Looking Glass Portal, contributed to the segment's performance. MTN GC signed fixed connectivity infrastructure deals valued at US$2.8 million, reinforcing its commitment to meeting the rising demand for international connectivity.

Mupita further emphasized the progress made by MTN GC Kenya and Zambia through digital connectivity initiatives, aligning with the company's expansion plans. The Q1 results demonstrated a noteworthy 15.5% year-on-year growth in external wholesale mobility revenues. This growth was driven by a five-year messaging deal with a global hyperscaler, increased processing of mission-critical SMSes for mobile user authentication and resilient performance in international voice despite a challenging global landscape.

The substantial fiber expansion and impressive financial performance of MTN GC in Q1 demonstrate its commitment to meeting the growing demand for connectivity and advancing digital infrastructure across multiple African markets.

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