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With the rise of the digital transformation era and smart cities implementation, the focus is how to reach smart societies - not just smart cities.

Smart cities are created to serve smart societies, with an increased involvement of humans, citizens and residents or visitors.

The latest stakeholders working on smart cities are using artificial intelligence to check the behavior of humans so they are capable of more and integrate into smart societies.

Artificial intelligence will be using big data to improve technology in smart cities from transportation to energy or education, to waste management.

With a fully digital society, the fully connected/advanced censors' implementation is key in this. The ITU Committee of Smart Cities (CSC) launched their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for smart sustainable cities. Until now, 50 cities from all continents have applied.

KPIs are for city dwellers and non-profit citizen organizations, to enable them to understand the development and progress of SSC (Smart Sustainable Cities) with respect to ICT's impact, and to look over the development and operation of SSC organizations from planning units, service providers, operations and maintenance organizations, etc.

With 50 cities applying and more than 100 prepared to join, the road towards smart societies is very close, supported by advanced ICT and using artificial intelligence and big data, making it even closer!

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