Azercosmos and the global satellite operator Intelsat have signed a commercial agreement on the joint implementation of long-term projects in the West African region. According to the agreement, Intelsat will provide Cellular Backhaul (CBH) services to its customers in the West African region, which has 17 countries and a population of more than 430 million, by using the resources of the Azerspace-2 satellite.

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Africa Day, commemorated annually on May 25th, is a momentous occasion that celebrates the unity, resilience and achievements of the African continent. This day holds great significance as it symbolizes the journey toward liberation, self-determination and the collective pursuit of progress. This day provides an opportunity to reflect on Africa's history, culture and the remarkable contributions made by its diverse nations. Let us delve into the essence of Africa Day and explore the significance it holds for Africans worldwide.

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In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage, driving transformative changes in how we work, communicate and collaborate. Microsoft Build, the annual flagship event for developers, showcases this significant shift with the introduction of compelling AI-driven solutions.

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The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is a comprehensive initiative that aims to create an integrated, continent-wide free trade zone. Spanning 54 countries and encompassing a population of 1.3 billion people, the AfCFTA holds tremendous potential, with GDP revenue exceeding US$3.4 trillion.

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In light of the extensive sharing of personal information on WhatsApp, it becomes crucial to prioritize the security of your conversations. Over time, people have turned to third-party apps or the archive option to conceal private WhatsApp chats. However, these methods can be stressful or easily breached. To address this, WhatsApp has introduced an update that includes a chat lock feature, enabling you to hide and protect secret conversations with a password.

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Wirulink, a South African internet service provider (ISP), offers cheaper 100 Mbps fiber packages than some of its larger competitors, such as Afrihost and Axxess, according to a recent analysis. The review concluded that there was generally a difference of R100 to R200 between the cheapest and most expensive ISPs for a given fiber network operator (FNO).

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