Ericsson Media Solutions will be rebranded as MediaKind in an attempt for Ericsson to revamp the unit. MediaKind is “designed to embody the concept that media should inspire and unite humankind”, said Ericsson Media Solutions, and will have Angel Ruiz as CEO in addition to a new management team of 11 executives.

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Ten years ago, in April 2008, renowned San Diego-based chipset maker Qualcomm Incorporated announced its expansion into the Middle East and Africa. The ambitious city of Dubai was chosen as Qualcomm’s regional hub, where an office was opened in Dubai Internet City (DIC) Free Trade Zone to serve the company’s business interests. Ten years on, Telecom Review reflects on Qualcomm’s role in influencing new technologies in the region.

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A test of ‘All Business Connected@LTE’ technologies, including 4T4R, Carrier Aggregation, and 256QAM, jointly performed by Tunisie Telecom and Huawei saw a single user peak throughput of 706.14 Mbps achieved on a commercial network - a record-breaking high for Tunisia. This outstanding performance reinforces Tunisie Telecom's resolution to build a large-scale 4T4R network with Huawei in 2018 to deliver an optimal LTE experience for all of their subscribers, as well as create the fastest network in the country.

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Millennials are reshaping industries to match their expectations, and the telecom industry is no exception, Ericsson’s President of the Middle East and Africa, Rafiah Ibrahim, said at the Telecom Review Summit in Beirut on 13 April. Millennials are generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies, and they don’t want to work the same way as previous generations.

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