The US computer company Microsoft Corporation has announced plans to build a technology center in Kenya. The project was presented to the President of the Republic, Uhuru Kenyatta, during a hearing he granted in Nairobi to a delegation, senior officials of the company, led by the vice president of Microsoft in charge of the game department, Phil Spencer.

The Technology Development Center for Africa would serve the East African region.

According to Microsoft, the development center for Africa will play the role of a leading engineering center for it and its subsidiaries. The center will build on the diversity of the regional landscape to create world-class talent able to create innovative solutions with global impact.

In addition to Nairobi, Microsoft has also designated Nigeria as another beneficiary of a technology development center that will serve West Africa.

For Phil Spencer, these “African development centers will contribute to the interests of Microsoft among its various global activities such as: Office, Azure and Windows”.

The announced technology development center in Kenya will be the seventh largest in the world. As for the Head of State, Uhuru Kenyatta, he welcomes this technological infrastructure in the country.

He said his wish is that “this partnership be transparent and greatly benefits Microsoft and Kenyans. We want you to make Kenya your home in Africa (...) You will not find another country with the same capacity as Kenya.”

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