Cassava Technologies once again is attending the Africa Tech Festival 2022 and will present to partners and stakeholders its products and services at this year's Africa Tech Week, being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from November 7–11, 2022.

AfricaCom, known this year as the Africa Tech Festival, is the largest technology conference on the continent and boasts a strong portfolio of events dedicated to technology, telecommunications and digital transformation leaders in Africa. Attendees will be exposed to technology trends, investments and innovations that will be at the heart of Africa's economic recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Cassava Technologies, headquartered in London, is Africa's first integrated tech player of continental scale at the forefront of technology innovation, with operations and activities in over 20 African countries. Its product segments provide digital solutions to over 1 million enterprises and enable access to the internet for over 500 million people. The company encompasses Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Africa Data Centres, Sasai Fintech, Vaya Technologies and Distributed Power Africa.

"Through Liquid Intelligent Technologies, we have had a presence at this premier African conference for over a decade. We return this year as Cassava Technologies, showcasing the length and breadth of our offering as Africa's first integrated tech company of continental scale. We are an African business that has brought unrivalled technology and connectivity to the continent, and this conference provides us with a prime opportunity to reiterate to business leaders, talented entrepreneurs, and top-tier companies our continued investment to digitally connect all Africans on the continent," said Hardy Pemhiwa, president and CEO of Cassava Technologies.

The festival is a conference that speaks right to the vision of Cassava Technologies, as the organization consistently works towards a digitally connected Africa that leaves no one behind.

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