In a significant move to drive the growth of the digital economy in Cameroon, IHS Towers Cameroon organized a workshop in Yaoundé, focusing on the crucial role of passive infrastructures. The event, titled "The Importance of Passive Infrastructures for the Development of the Digital Economy," brought together key stakeholders from the telecommunications sector, including government officials and industry experts.

Chaired by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, the workshop aimed to explore ways to enhance the digital infrastructure landscape in Cameroon and leverage its potential for economic development. Attendees included representatives from the Telecommunication Regulatory Board (TRB) and the National Agency of Information Technologies (NAIT), among others.

One of the workshop's highlights was the presence of Kunle Illuyemi, the head of the Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) Region at IHS Towers. His expertise and insights provided valuable perspectives on the development of passive infrastructures in Cameroon. Passive infrastructures, such as towers, fiber-optic networks and data centers, are essential for expanding digital services and connectivity. They form the foundation for reliable telecommunications networks, enabling access to broadband internet, mobile services and other digital technologies. The workshop fostered productive discussions on strategies to enhance the deployment and maintenance of passive infrastructures in the country. Participants explored opportunities for public-private partnerships, regulatory frameworks and policy initiatives to accelerate the growth of the digital economy. Emphasizing collaboration between government entities, regulatory bodies and industry players, the workshop aimed to create an enabling environment for the digital ecosystem to flourish. Cameroon seeks to attract investments, drive socio-economic progress and foster innovation by investing in robust passive infrastructures.

The event marked a significant step forward in Cameroon's digital transformation journey. It highlighted the commitment of IHS Cameroon and its partners to contribute to the development of a robust digital infrastructure ecosystem, ultimately benefiting the citizens and businesses of Cameroon.

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