The CEO of Oger International has confirmed that the company is set to embark upon a new chapter in its history with the full acquisition of its capital by a new shareholder.

Oger International now belongs to a new shareholder, Mr. Al Khawaja, who now holds 100% of the capital through the French company AMK Capital Investment. This acquisition coincides with the end of the job protection plan and the conclusion of the business protection procedures endorsed by the Bobigny Court on 15 February 2018.

"A new chapter in our history can now be written, a more serene chapter, one that is future-oriented and is full of new challenges of the sort we love at Oger International. The know-how and in-depth expertise that have made our reputation for 40 years will find more diversified and more stable fields of application. The French and European markets once again become our priority, but we continue to fly the French flag in the Middle East and Africa, where we still successfully develop numerous opportunities," says Omar Joseph Baroud, Chairman and CEO of Oger International.

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