The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, and the Algerian Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, held extensive discussions about enhancing cooperation between Egypt and Algeria in ICT.

The two ministers discussed strengthening partnerships and exchanging experiences between Egypt and Algeria in related fields. They also reviewed the most prominent proposed areas of cooperation between the two countries, including telecommunications regulation, cybersecurity, digital transformation, postal services, capacity-building, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the establishment of business partnerships.

The two ministers also led an extensive meeting in the presence of senior officials from Egypt and Algeria. The meeting delved into reviewing the Digital Egypt strategy and the strategic projects of the Algerian Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT).

During the meeting, the ICT Minister underlined the deep, distinctive, and vast range of bilateral ties between the two countries. He pointed out that MCIT-MPT cooperation varies as they agreed to promote and boost the ICT sector at the forefront of the growing sectors between the two brotherly countries by opening horizons for cooperation in post and information infrastructure. This is in addition to exchanging ideas about success stories in regulating the ICT sector, increasing investments in data centers and both achieving integration between data centers as well as international communications between the two countries.

Talaat explained that two new submarine cables are to be established to connect Egypt and Algeria by 2025, bringing the total number of cables connecting the two countries to four. He added that the two countries agreed to cooperate in encouraging youth to establish startups, commending the Algerian experience in this field.

Triki highlighted the shared history and future aspirations of Egypt and Algeria, particularly in the ICT sector, with a focus on supporting youth and investing in modern technologies. He emphasized the importance of combining the legacy of postal service institutions with modernity through the use of advanced technologies. Triki mentioned the continuous coordination between Egypt and Algeria in organizing international forums, including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), to serve the interests of the people and promote the adoption of modern technologies.

Triki commended the efforts made in Egypt to develop the communications infrastructure and expressed optimism that his visit would further enhance cooperation in ICT, which is a key pillar in communication infrastructure, innovation, and startup support. He extended an invitation to the ICT Minister to visit Algeria to continue discussions on cooperation in relevant fields.

Moussa indicated that Egypt is interested in enhancing cooperation with Algeria and achieving integration in many fields. He highlighted that the Algerian Minister’s visit to Egypt follows high-level visits between the Egyptian and Algerian sides. He also looked forward to reaching the visit's tangible outcomes to serve the interests of the two sides.

The extensive meeting held between Egyptian and Algerian officials aimed to enhance cooperation in the field of ICT. During the visit, the Algerian Minister and his delegation also explored the activities of MCIT and its affiliates, including specialized technical training and support for youth technological innovation and entrepreneurship at the Creativa Innovation Hub in Giza. Additionally, they visited the international data center of Telecom Egypt in Smart Village. The visit of the Algerian Minister and his delegation to Egypt lasted for two days, with the purpose of discussing and strengthening the cooperation between the two countries in the field of ICT.

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