In a significant development, Bilal Jamoussi has been appointed as Deputy Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB). This key appointment comes as ITU continues its mission to achieve universal, meaningful connectivity and sustainable digital transformation, presenting numerous opportunities and challenges on the horizon. Jamoussi brings a wealth of experience to his new role, boasting a remarkable 28-year career journey. With 15 years of private sector experience as a standards director and a solid 13-year foundation at ITU as the Chief of the Study Groups department, he has consistently championed international standards development in the ICT industry, striving to make the advantages of standards and technology accessible to a global audience.

Under his leadership, TSB will focus on three strategic pillars:

  • Enhanced Industry Engagement: Prioritizing industry collaboration and the effective implementation of standards.
  • Bridging the Gap: Aiming to be a crucial tool for fostering more inclusive development, adoption and implementation of standards, particularly in collaboration with Member States, especially those in developing countries.
  • Strengthening Cooperation: Emphasizing the importance of internal cooperation within ITU and building external alliances with other standardization bodies.

Jamoussi, who played a pivotal role in ITU's recent strategic visioning exercise, will work diligently to implement its results across his teams, with a specific emphasis on:

Thought Leadership: Leveraging TSB's industry-facing activities to drive thought leadership on emerging technologies such as AI, Metaverse, Green Digital Transformation, Digital Resilience and more.

Strategic Partnerships and Membership Engagement: Establishing enduring and meaningful relationships both within and beyond the ITU community and continuing TSB's trend of robust membership growth and resource mobilization.

Organizational Excellence: Striving to create a TSB that excels through efficient processes, identifies synergies, and is results-driven.

Furthermore, Jamoussi will continue to lead the Study Group Department, ensuring business continuity and minimal disruptions as preparations intensify for #WTSA24. His optimism extends to unlocking additional resources and synergies that will bolster TSB's capabilities.

Jamoussi expressed heartfelt gratitude to Doreen Bogdan-Martin and Seizo ONOE for their trust, as well as to all colleagues for their support, guidance and collaboration over the years. He looks forward to navigating the future hand in hand with the global ITU community.

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