Sofrecom, a recognized expert in the telecom sector, has been dedicated to digital development in Africa since its inception. “With 2,800 experts and consultants, we analyze technological trends, providing operational advice and solutions to operators, governments, and local institutions.” The end-to-end support addresses key sector challenges through four core expertise areas:

  • Innovation and Digitalization
  • IT and Telecom Networks
  • Sustainable Development
  • Change Management.

Leveraging its deep understanding of the African market and the two subsidiaries in Tunisia and Morocco, along with the new subsidiary in Benin, Sofrecom strengthens its presence in West Africa, bringing it closer to clients.

Activities of Sofrecom in West Africa

Since 2018, the Government of Benin has launched a comprehensive plan for digital development with the ambition of becoming the digital platform in West Africa. The main pillars of this program include the deployment of high-speed infrastructure and the development of skills in this field.

Sofrecom has contributed to the realization of the initial ideas.

In this context, Sofrecom is involved in the PDI2T project (Telecommunications and ICT Infrastructure Development Project) launched in 2016. The project aims to deploy a fiber infrastructure throughout the country to promote digital uses for both businesses and individuals. More than 2,000 km of optical fibers have been deployed, involving over 500 local employees at the peak of the project, all within 18 months. A second phase of this project, the PDRHD project, is currently underway, with the objective of securing certain optical loops and providing very high-speed connectivity to areas that are not yet covered.

Additionally, Sofrecom has supported the establishment of a School of Trades and Digital Technology. The goal is to enhance the employability of young people without qualifications and with a secondary education level by enabling them to access careers as fiber technicians. This project was developed in partnership with the Digital Campus of Montereau in France, which trains technicians in the intervention and maintenance of telecommunications. It offers practical training that awards a technician title recognized by international certification. The School of Trades and Digital Technology officially opened its doors in October 2020, and the first graduates were certified in 2022.

Finally, Sofrecom has recently supported several governments, such as Niger, Mauritania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in their national digital strategies. This includes establishing an agency dedicated to the registration and identification of populations, developing solutions for data hosting, and identifying levers for the development of financial inclusion.

With this new subsidiary, Sofrecom continues its commitment and the development of its activities, not only in Benin but also throughout the sub-region. "The opening of our new Sofrecom subsidiary in Benin is a significant step in strengthening our presence in Africa. With Sofrecom West Africa, we continue our commitment to digital transformation and inclusion on the continent,” stated Antoine Kone, CEO of Sofrecom West Africa and current CFO of the Sofrecom group.

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