Mangomolo, a top-tier provider of comprehensive OTT video platforms worldwide, has been selected by UPICtv—the commercial arm of Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet) for OTT services—to provide a complete solution to simplify and speed up the distribution of OTT video content throughout Botswana, specifically for The Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport & Culture (MYSC). Mangomolo’s end-to-end OTT video management platform enables MYSC to deliver its NOW! online channel across multiple devices with an optimized viewer experience.

NOW! enables viewers across Botswana to enjoy linear and on-demand content anytime, anywhere. Viewers receive personalized recommendations making it easy to access the content they want while sharing their favorite content with their friends via social media platforms like WhatsApp, X and Facebook. The project was developed and delivered in collaboration with local partner, Plastique, as well as regional partner, Broadsmart, who acted as the project management lead.

“The rapid growth of smart devices across Africa is creating opportunities for broadcasters to deliver their content wherever their viewers want to consume it. Our work with NOW! is enabling more viewers across Botswana to access local video content and benefit from flexible and personalized experiences. We’re making it as simple as possible to consume content and grow audiences,” said Wissam Sabbagh, Founder and CEO at Mangomolo. “With NOW!, we’re matching world-leading OTT video solutions with local content to create innovative viewing experiences.”

NOW! is a youth-focused channel established by MYSC that promotes and showcases local talent in the areas of youth, gender, sport and culture development. It is also focused on supporting the growth of the Botswana Film and Television industry. NOW!’s OTT video service will support MYSC in rolling out a variety of content to users, including docu-series, music shows, entertainment and kids’ programs.

“Working on the NOW! platform together with Plastique, Mangomolo and Broadsmart has been a game changing initiative for local streaming in Botswana.  The team quickly understood our objectives and have been our guide on our digital journey. They made it simple and efficient to develop and deploy new services that are easy to manage in the backend and simple for viewers to navigate on the frontend,” said Ramphal Kgabanyane, UPICtv manager. “Mangomolo really delivers comprehensive solutions with true end-to-end support. Ultimately, this will benefit viewers and the TV and film industry of Botswana. NOW! gives our creative community a way to reach the largest possible audience across the country.”

Mangomolo is providing an end-to-end automated modular service that can adapt to NOW!’s new requirements and boost operational efficiency. The comprehensive suite of monetization options and automation capabilities empowers partners to maximize their digital reach across all devices from a singular platform.

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