British mobile virtual network operator Lycamobile will officially start operations in Uganda where the company aims to provide quality voice and data services at affordable rates. Lycamobile is set to launch LTE in the country in partnership with Internet service provider Tangerine.

“We want to have unrivaled 4G internet and we hope to roll out our services throughout the entire country in the next six months,” said Jeya Seelan, the CEO of Lycamobile.

“We hope to create over 600 jobs both directly and indirectly but also expand the telecom market. We shall employ the local workforce in a bid to create employment as one of the ways to create impact on Ugandan citizens,” he added.

Gavin De Costa, head of the economic and trade policy for Uganda and Rwanda at the British High Commission in Kampala lauded the entry of Lycamobile into the Ugandan market and confirmed that it will further strengthen ties between the United Kingdom and Uganda.

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