ZTE is the first in the world to launch a 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed full access-based Common Core based on the SBA architecture to achieve the deep integration of multiple access and help the carrier smoothly evolve to 5G. In the era of virtualisation, ZTE continues investing in technology upgrading to migrate all the NE to the cloud platform.

In 2020, Libyana picked ZTE to perform the modernisation for its Core and VAS system. So far, the SAE-GW, STP/DRA, VAS and Firewall have been migrated to a cloud platform and the PS elements migration is under planning.

By implementing these solutions, customers will not only handle the challenge but also gain the ability to evolve to 5GC smoothly. At the same time, latest features such as component design, stateless design, multiple layer reliability design and automatic commissioning are on board.

Profiting from the decoupling between infrastructure and software. Now, it is possible to introduce new applications without waiting for the manufacturing and delivering of hardware.

The virtualised platform greatly reduced the TTM of the new service. For example, from HLD (High Level Design) to implementation, it takes only 40 days for ZTE virtualised firewall to get online. Furthermore, the virtualised infrastructure is an open platform, operator can easily deploy third-party applications on it. Now the DNS from other vendor functions can run perfectly on ZTE cloud platform.

On the other hand, these benefits do not come with bulkier frame and higher power consumption. Take STP/DRA for example, the virtualised solution dimensioning is 20% bigger than the traditional one, yet the footprint is only 67% as much as the traditional solution and power consumption is also reduced by nearly 30%. This will save considerable expenditure on site rent and power supply.

In 2020, the overall throughput of Libyana data service increased 145% and 4G subscribers increased 113%. “Its comprehensive description and fast deployment and is easy to integrate with other vendors with smooth evolution in short period and now I can say that we are ready to enter 5G era with cooperation with ZTE,” said Libyana Network Planning Director, Osama Mimouni

Libyana is the biggest mobile operator in Libya and aims at leading the digital market in Libya so as to develop the national economy.


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