The Kogi State Internal Revenue Service (KGIRS) has sealed off the facilities of Globacom and Airtel until further notice for defaulting to remit over N360 million (about $867,000) tax liabilities.

By KGIRS records, Globacom Nigeria Ltd., Kogi State, unremitted tax liabilities run into N300,000,000, while that of Airtel is N60,035,000., said Saidu Isah Okino, KGIRS director of legal services and enforcement. These debts were calculated with an interest rate of 1% and covered corporate, personal, and social services levy (SSCL) over the period 2017 to 2021.

Kogi state court ordered the shutdown of Globacom and Airtel sites and properties, Okino said, following “several letters” to the two companies to “pacify them to pay the taxes they owe” the Kogi government, “but they have never shown any sign of commitment.”

Due to the shutdown of Globacom and Airtel's infrastructure, technicians will have difficulty performing maintenance. There is a danger that this could result in a decline in the quality of services provided by both operators in Kogi State in the long run. Tax debts owed by the two telecom companies must be paid before the facilities can reopen.

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