Ethio telecom signed a three-year contractual agreement with five virtual internet service partners namely WebSprix IT Solutions PLC, VIVATECH Trading PLC, Zergaw ISP, Skynet IT Solution PLC and Dulle Business Group. Based on the contractual agreement, new partners will exclusively provide fixed broadband internet service and are believed to broadly availing the service accessible to customers at large and contributing to the overall efforts of the nation in realizing the digital transformation strategy.

As per the signed contract, the mentioned five partner firms would exclusively purchase the fixed bandwidth internet service from Ethio telecom and provide high bandwidth internet service to the customers across the country for the coming three consecutive years, thereby customers will have more options to get fixed broadband internet services from these five partner organizations in addition to Ethio telecom’s sales centers.

Hence, the partners are strongly expected to actively play their roles in heralding the digital Ethiopia plan of the company by providing efficient and quality services to their customers in collaboration with Ethio telecom.

Ethio telecom is immensely working at a high priority to avail fixed broadband internet service to the customers nationwide in partnership with virtual internet service providers. In line with this, the partners have been able to avail fixed broadband internet service to 20,700 customers so far. To make sure that the fixed broadband internet service is accessible across the nation and increase the number of users to 3 million by the end of 2026 G.C, Ethio telecom has designed and been executing a wide range of systems and strategies.

In addition to the company’s continuous efforts to expand and meet the mobile internet penetration digital transformation plan of the nation, its partners will play paramount roles in making accessible fixed broadband internet service. As has been the backbone of the economy of the nation, fixed broadband internet service has also multiple roles to play in the society, particularly in creating a favorable business environment, improving health, education, digital marketing, and social interaction. It will also enable public institutions and private organizations to digitalize their working system thereby providing efficient services to their customers.

It is obvious that Ethio telecom is highly engaged in a massive network capacity building in its drive to enhance economic growth, foster innovation, increase penetration, ensure affordability, minimize the digital divide and enable the country to realize the national digital transformation strategy. In parallel to this infrastructure expansion, the company has recently made a massive tariff discount on fixed broadband internet service to meet the ever-increasing customer demands for the services.

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