Orange Egypt and Ericsson announced the completion of Orange Egypt’s mediation consolidation, upgrade, and modernization. Ericsson Mediation is now used as the unified mediation in Orange Egypt and is considered as a central component of its enterprise architecture.

Mediation is a key telecom node as defined in standards, which is in between the data generators, like network or IT nodes and the data consumers which are the downstream operations and business support systems. Ericsson Mediation is responsible to filter out the non-relevant data, aggregate the partial data records, and transform the data as per the format required by the data consumers.

The transformation of Orange Egypt’s mediation system to a standard unified mediation system is set to significantly simplify system maintenance with the latest available software, introduce a tested and verified full geographical redundant solution and enhance system resilience.

Abdelfattah Aly Mabrouk, Chief Information Officer, Orange Egypt, says, “We value our partnership with Ericsson in our quest to accelerate our digital development. The completion of Ericsson Mediation will give Orange Egypt the necessary competitive edge to better serve our customers and grow our business. The introduction of the Ericsson Mediation will also support the release of multiple new features which will result in an improved end-user experience as we constantly look for new and more efficient ways to assist our customers.”

In addition, Orange Egypt will also benefit from online mediation capabilities that will support Orange Egypt’s upcoming digitalization requirements, support network evolution to 4G, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), and a smooth and accurately planned migration without disrupting operations.

Mathias Johansson, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Saudi Arabia and Egypt at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says, “The importance of mediation is ever increasing, and it simply will not be possible to manage today’s complex networks without a fit-for-purpose mediation function. With 18 years of data mediation experience, Ericsson Mediation was successfully implemented for Orange Egypt without any interruption. Orange Egypt now has an enhanced and unified system that simplifies the operations of the network and supports the evolution of the network in the future.”

Ericsson Mediation is currently used by 280 operators worldwide serving 1.5 billion subscribers.

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