Safaricom has increased its 5G coverage to 28 towns across 21 counties, empowering its customers in 5G areas to enjoy superfast internet connectivity on the move and for their homes and businesses.

Safaricom has also introduced 5G data bundles to enable its over 400,000 customers using 5G smartphones to browse at ultra-fast speeds, with typical speeds of 400 Mbps to 700 Mbps. To enable Kenyans to experience how 5G can transform homes and businesses, Safaricom, in partnership with Huawei, has set up three 5G experience centers in Nairobi that contain virtual reality gaming zones, showcases of smart capabilities for homes and enterprises, as well as speed-testing booths.

In October 2022, Safaricom became the first service provider in Kenya to launch 5G. Over the years, Safaricom has consistently invested in its network, with its 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G in aggregate covering 97% of Kenya’s population, while its fiber network has passed more than 450,000 homes and businesses.

Safaricom's acceleration of its 5G network coverage comes just weeks after rival Airtel announced it would launch its mobile ultra-broadband services in the country. The company had planned to roll out its 5G services starting with high-income neighborhoods, which it says have the gadgets and purchasing power to afford them.

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